There is a clear trend toward more checkout options and flexibility in retail today. Retailers look for combinations of regular tills, self-scanning systems and self-checkouts to better fit their individual store layouts and concepts. At the same time, there is a growing demand for self-service options among shoppers. A Self-Checkout solutions are a particularly good fit for retailers with a high number of transactions and medium-size baskets. It means significant savings on labour costs, since up to eight systems can be manned by just one attendant. The solution also improves the checkout experience, since more checkouts can be available. This can be particularly important during peak hours, when shoppers may leave without making a purchase if the lines at the checkouts are too long.

How to succeed with Self-Checkout - Whitepaper

Self-Checkout Ace

The Partnertech Self-Checkout solution features a combination of hardware and software resulting in an interactive and intuitive solution with a modern design. Both the software and hardware are independent. So they can be used together or be combined with existing hardware or software. Your company’s colours and logos can be incorporated to properly reflect your brand.

Easy interface.
The intuitive interface in our self-checkout solution makes the system easy to use for the customers. It also makes the solution easy to manage by staff. Reports show that our self-checkout solution requires 20% fewer interventions than other solutions on the market. Studies also show that the our solution reduced wait time with up to 40%.

Checkout guidance.
The solution features LED lighting that guides the customer through the checkout process and helps attract customer to using the self-checkout.

Improved checkout experience
LED lights guide the customer throughout the checkout
process. The bagging area has been given a more
ergonomic design. This makes the self-checkout more
comfortable to use. High-quality 20” touch screens enhance
the user experience. The system can be ordered with space
for one or two bags in the bagging area. This makes the
solution flexible enough to meet a variety of needs.


Cost savings
One attendant can serve up to eight self-checkouts. This saves
on labour costs.

Peak-hour efficiency
With self-checkouts, more checkouts can be available during
peak hours. This cuts down on the queue time.

Weight-based theft prevention
The system features a weight-based database that ensures that
all products have to be scanned before they are put in the bags.

Flexible installation
The hardware and software can be used together or together
with any other system you prefer.

Alfred SCO Self-Checkout & Payment

For many shoppers, self-service checkout is no longer an option; it’s an expectation. By combining self-service with traditional checkout lanes, customers are given a greater sense of control, privacy and convenience in their shopping experience.

Alfred Self-Checkout allows the user to carry out all stages of purchase independently: item scanning or weighing and the payment. By making checkout process more autonomous, the system minimizes person-to-person contact and creates more safe environment which is particularly critical during a virus pandemic.

To optimize the store footprint Alfred Self-Checkout comes in a variety of configurations, styles and sizes that fit the specifics of multiple market verticals, be it Convenience, Apparel, DIY store or a Hotel.

Improved fraud detection
In providing SCO security, items can be verified by tag deactivation or by weight using integrated security scales, powered by self-learning weight database. However weight-based theft detection and item tag deactivation may not always be enough to prevent fraudulent shoppers behavior.

In addition to these two technologies, Alfred Self-Checkout can be enhanced with integrated computer vision, which helps significantly reduce shoplifting issues at Self-Checkout. The system would then estimate each item to be purchased recognizing it by three dimensions: the item’s bar code, weight, and real image, and alert the store staff to discrepancies.


Modular & Compact
Provides flexibility and customization to best fit specifics of your business and optimizes the store footprint.

Ensures quick and faultless service. Transactions finalized in a matter of seconds.

Reduces shrinkage and strengthens loss prevention
An integrated computer vision functionality lets efficiently reduce the number of shoplifting issues at  Self-Checkout.

Fast Implementation
Custom design in 6 months. Self-Checkout project implementation in 2-4 months, depending on project specifics.

Software Flexibility
Software modules are easy to integrate with existing POS systems for seamless operation and data flow.

Vending Connection

Combine the Self-Checkout with a solution for premium price products that eliminates losses and optimises inventory operations. Premium price products are stored in the secure Vensafe solution. This protects profits by preventing all losses due to shoplifting or employee theft.

With Vensafe, retailers don’t have to store it or restock in every checkout – only in the Vensafe solution dispenser. This improves inventory operations and increases productivity – staff resources can be used for more productive tasks than restocking. The solution also achieves better inventory management and control through a software solution that communicates inventory information. It tracks stock in real time and sends out-of-stock alerts. This eliminates manual work and helps save on labour costs.

Customers have the option to purchase premium price products at several points in the store. This improves the shopping experience and stimulates sales. Vensafe also creates revenue-boosting promotion opportuntites at the self-checkouts.


Inventory control 

  • Reduced stock size
  • Out-of-stock e-mail alerts
  • Only the fast-moving items are available in quantity
  • Remote monitoring of stock levels with possibility to handle inventory by supplier
  • No inventory differences
  • Product searches through barcode scanning
  • Automated updates and handing of the product database

Zero shrinkage

  • The customer gets the goods after paying
  • Logbook entry for each operation in the dispenser
  • All events are tracked in the system
  • Products are protected against both internal and external shrinkage

Labor savings

  • Time needed for refills and inventory counting is greatly reduced
  • No need to have a separate person for selling tobacco products
  • Automated product database management from a central location

New Sales opportunities 

  • Products are presented on modern touch screens using multiple images
  • Products are presented in multiple locations around the store. This increases visibility and accessibility.
  • Up-selling opportunities and promotion possibilities at the checkout and on the shop floor
  • Ability to sell tobacco at self-checkouts

Vending Connection

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