Digital Signage

As the popularity and success of digital signage rises, more and more business of all sizes are adding digital solutions to their marketing and brand strategy. Discover how to enhance the customer experience and uniquely engage customer with Interactive Signage and Super Narrow Bezel Display. BenQ’s products are designed to help chain stores connect with customers in exceptionally innovative ways, add to the aesthetic appeal of the store and create visually stunning and fully customizable environments.

In cooperation with QUISDA Group, we have extended our product range with cutting-edge technology from BenQ, aiming to be the best-practice provider for customers in retail, hospitality, and specialist stores.

All-in-one solution

Watch the video to see all Digital Signage solutions in action, from Smart Signage, Interactive Solutions to Video Wall and Bar Types.

Together with the X-Sign content management system you have the right solution for any user scenario like retail or hospitality.

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X-Sign Content Management System

X-Sign Designer

An easy content creator
An idea generator

X-Sign Manager

An integrated content & device manager
An instore marketing tool

X-Sign Player

A flexible content player
An instore promoter 

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