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Secure Archive

Archiving in accordance with requirements.
there are legal requirements that must be met, such as long-term archiving in accordance with legal requirements. RetailForce offers a legally compliant solution here, to archive POS data and viewed over the long term. Stored in accordance with the highest security standards, meets all legal requirements for digital receipts and their retention requirements, and is also made available in the relevant country format. The stored data is protected against manipulation and loss for the entire duration of the legal retention period.

Secure data storage

We store your data according to the highest security standards.

Legally compliant archiving

Meets all legal requirements for archiving data subject to record keeping!

Easy to make available

Export data in the respective country format.


Harness the power of the RetailForce ecosystem. Empower your receipt!

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Fiscal Data Archive

All data secured by the TSE is stored in an audit-proof manner for 10 years. The Fiscal Data Archive is the perfect complement to RetailForce Fiscal Middleware to store data outside the product system for the long term. The solution is also available to all customers who already have finished fiscal data and would like to store it unchangeably for the duration of the legal retention period.

Cash archive

Users of the cash archive have the advantage of being able to transfer and archive all data from the cash register. This protects the data from loss and a secure backup is always available. In particular, if cash register data is automatically deleted from the system after a short period of time, the data is available for even longer via the cash register archive. And should there ever be a hardware failure that requires a system restore, POS data can be easily restored from the archive.