New Kiosk Line

The new Kiosk series combines technology and high-quality design. The application possibilities are suitable for all business premises and every industry and are available in indoor or outdoor variations. Whether with larger screens for a user-friendly interface or for different payment or legitimation processes. The areas of application are diverse, and the software can be individually adapted to your wishes and needs and for a smooth operation. The high-quality design is available in different colors and can be visually adapted to your business premises. With the kiosks, you offer your customers a positive experience that not only makes you competitive in the market but could also increase your turnover.

Indoor Kiosk

A good indoor kiosk system fits harmoniously in the existing environment and still offers all technical advantages for smooth operations without waiting times. A high-quality kiosk system requires little maintenance, offers security and full customer satisfaction. Moreover, kiosk systems can be customized to meet your individual requirements.

Outdoor Kiosk

Deciphering a display in bright sunshine is a challenge. The light influences, whether during the day or at night – impair the view of a screen. The same applies to weather influences such as snow, cold, heat or rain. That is why a technically high-quality display and corpus is needed to withstand all weather conditions. 

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