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Increased hygiene measures in pandemic times posed major challenges for companies. Keeping touch screens and displays sterile, whether in retail or public places, seemed impossible. Now Partner Tech Europe GmbH, together with Holo Industries LLC, offers the solution:  Holographic Touch TM – a technology that allows holograms to be operated interactively in the air. Touching a screen is no longer necessary, as the holograms can be controlled through the air. A groundbreaking technology, a touchless touch, that is trend-setting for all industries and creates new opportunities to set new hygiene standards.

About Holo

Holographic Touch, a breakthrough technology that combines holographic plates, optics, sensors and proprietary software and hardware components to enable highly responsive in-air interaction. Holo Industries manufactures products in various sizes and form factors for the consumer, lift, restaurant, banking, retail, hospitality, gaming, medical, automotive and aerospace industries.

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Useful advantages

Contactless user interaction

The touchless touch in the air is one of the biggest benefits of Holographic Touch. No screen has to be touched.

Germ free

The interaction in the air needs no cleaning. All user-interfaces are sterile. Viruses and germs cannot be transmitted via displays.

Plug and Play

No special setup or software are required to use the hologram.

Accurate & Responsive

All systems are accurate to 2mm and have no latency. Zoom in, zoom out, scroll and swipe with the tip of your finger is sufficient.Fully functional – no matter if hot or cold weather, day and night - even with gloves it works with a finger tip.

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Holo Industries LLC announces the launch of a new HoloMed™ product line of holographic inserts. The product line includes inserts for medical carts, patient monitors and more. The HoloMed products are primarily about protecting patients and hospital staff, who no longer have to touch surfaces of technical equipment and thus work absolutely germ-free.

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Partner Tech Europe and Holo Industries joining forces

An agreement has been signed between Partner-Tech Europe and Holo Industries to co-develop products, sell and support Holo’s ground-breaking Holographic Touch technology in Europe, Africa and LATAM and having the European Headquarter of Holo Industries inside of Partner Tech Europe.

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