Revolution in health sector: germ-free interaction with holographic Touch

July, 14, 2022 (Cottage Grove, OR) – Holo Industries LLC announces the launch of a new HoloMed™ product line of holographic inserts. The product line includes inserts for medical carts, patient monitors and more. The HoloMed products are primarily about protecting patients and hospital staff, who no longer have to touch surfaces of technical equipment and thus work absolutely germ-free. In this way, the transmission of infectious diseases can be reduced, as surface contact and points of contact are eliminated.

Mobile medication and point-of-care computer carts are indispensable tools in the modern healthcare facility however, they are also vectors for germs and other infectious agents.

With the new HoloMed devices, contact-free environments can be created that significantly reduce the risk of transmission of germs.

This new Human-Machine Interaction is only possible with Holographic Touch, a transformative new technology that provides accurate and responsive mid-air interaction without special lighting, glasses, or headgear. Anything a user can do on a touch display, iPhone or iPad, they can now do in mid-air: touch, pinch to enlarge, zoom, scroll, or swipe – even with surgical gloves.

HoloMed devices provide safe and germ-free interaction for staff, patients and visitors and can be used in a variety of health care applications including medical carts, surgical and patient monitors, registration systems, hospital room controls, elevators, cafeteria and gift shop merchant terminals.

“At Holo Industries we understand the importance of keeping medical equipment clean and free of viruses, microbes, and other infectious agents. We also know that the safest way to interact with any surface is not to touch it in the first place,” said Glenn ImObersteg, Holo Industries CEO.

ImObersteg is certain that the new HoloMed™ products will become standard in the medical field.

Moreover, all hologram solutions are applicable to many industries, such as hospitality, gastronomy or public transport and authorities.

The HoloMed product line will be on display for the first time at stand 78 at the Floria International Medical Expo (FIME) in Miami from 27-29 July.

About Holo Industries LLC
Holo Industries is the inventor of Holographic Touch™, a disruptive technology that combines holographic plates, optics, sensors and proprietary software and hardware components to create highly responsive mid-air interaction. Holo Industries is the preeminent developer and supplier of interactive holographic systems, with prototypes in circulation in many of the major Fortune 500 companies in the automotive, hospitality, banking, medical, retail and transportation sectors.

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