Partner Tech Europe Group is growing: JB Fiscal Consulting

With Partner Tech’s investment in RetailForce last year, the group has already highlighted that the portfolio around fiscalisation will increasingly be part of the product range in the future. Now Partner Tech Europe is taking the next big step and welcomes JB Fiscal Consulting as a new team member into the group.
JB Fiscal Consulting specializes in providing consultancy, monitoring and certification support around fiscalization requirements. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and international end-users already consult with JB Fiscal Consulting when it comes to entering new markets and familiarizing themselves with the legal requirements for POS systems in their respective countries.

The long-term goal of JB Fiscal Consulting and Partner Tech Europe is to cover all relevant fiscal and non-fiscal countries globally with one consulting service. As of today this includes already more than 30 fiscal countries worldwide.

Boris Milovac (CEO JB Fiscal Consulting): “Fiscalisation is close to our hearts and we need strong, reliable partners in Europe to drive our business forward. With Partner Tech and its affiliated RetailForce, we see many opportunities to take fiscalisation consulting for the market to the next level.”
Harald Krondorfer (RetailForce): “Fiscalisation requires expertise and a deep understanding of legal regulations in each country. Retail Force Software have already been working with JB Fiscal Consulting since day one and this group enlargement will add the experience of fiscalisation requirements in a wide range of countries.”

Denis Christesen (Partner Tech Europe): “Consulting around the legal requirement at the Point of Sale has become increasingly important for us within the group. With JB Fiscal Consulting, we have succeeded in finding an experienced partner company with whom we can further expand consulting in all countries for all countries and help our endusers and partners to secure their compliance.”

About JB Fiscal Consulting
JB Fiscal Consulting is a young company and was founded 2020. Nevertheless, JB Fiscal’s team brings many years of experience in fiscalization and implementation of fiscal strategies to the table. Whether a technology provider, a global or international acting retailer or governments, JB Fiscal Consulting offers a unique blend of expertise and deep knowledge of the legal and fiscal regulations required to operate in a given country.

About Partner Tech
As a member of the QISDA Group, Partner Tech is since 1990 a leading developer and manufacturer of POS solutions, POS peripherals and mobile solutions and installs its innovative technology worldwide. With its comprehensive solutions, from mobile ordering systems, compact all-in-one systems, digital signage, in-store media, process optimization, convenience store systems, self-service terminals (kiosk and self-checkout) and much more, Partner Tech Europe is a best-practice provider and platform for customers from retail, hospitality and our channel partners.

About RetailForce Software
The Austrian company initially developed a fiscal middleware for Austria. With internationalization, professionalization was introduced and very quickly rose to become the
market leader in the number of countries involved in Europe. The fiscal connections have been simplified and a constant update and implementation of all country-specific requirements is guaranteed. RetailForce is also working on the optimization of further receipt processes as well as on the integration of monitoring and other integrations to support the digitization of customers.

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