Partner Tech Europe: Self-Checkout

Self-Checkout for faster payments

The self-checkout system by Partner Tech Europe offers companies new possibilities for time and cost optimization. Customers can scan their products and pay for their purchases quickly and easily at the self-checkout cash registers, greatly simplifying the company’s internal personnel management.

How the PTES Self-Checkout system works

To avoid long waiting times at the tills, Partner Tech Europe offers a new solution: the self-checkout cash registers. In addition to the common cash registers, counters are set up at which customers can scan and pay for their purchases themselves. The self-checkout cash registers consist of a large screen, a scanner and a card payment device. The customer scans the products and can see directly on the screen which items have been scanned and how much they cost. Once all items have been scanned, the customer can pay for the purchase by credit or debit card and insert coupons or vouchers into the slot provided for this purpose. The purchase is now complete. The cash registers also have devices on both sides on which customers can place their shopping or their shopping bags. These cash registers are not only practical and easy to use, they also promote a modern appearance of the facility and cause a futuristic shopping experience.


  • 1-bag solution, H x W x D in cm: 139 x 125 x 67
  • 2-bag solution, H x W x D in cm: 139 x 165 x 67

Customisable solution

  • 1 large bag bagging area
  • 2 large bags bagging area
  • Customizable colours

Security scale

  • Maximum load: 60 kg
  • Accuracy: 2 grams

Payment options

  • Smartcards
  • Magnetic stripe cards
  • NFC, Mobile Payment options
  • Verification via PIN pad (integration of various vendors)
  • Vouchers /Coupons /Deposit receipts with Bar Code
  • Integration with loyalty systems
The advantages of PTE Self-Checkout cash registers

Partner Tech Europe’s self-checkout system offers many advantages to companies. The new system reduces the usually high number of people at the cash desks, resulting in significantly shorter waiting times for customers during peak hours. A faster payment process leads to increased customer satisfaction. Personnel costs are also reduced, since one employee can supervise several self-checkout registers at once. Often only one single employee is needed to monitor five to eight cash registers at the same time and offer support to customers if necessary. The main job of assigned is to check if the customers actually scan every single product and to make sure that the purchase is handled correctly. As a plus the cash registers can be customized in order to ideally meet the individual needs of a company. On top, this verified system offers maximum security and protection against fraud. The use of self-checkout cash registers has been proven to reduce problems and incidents during the payment process.