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As a leading manufacturer of POS Systems it is our goal to provide the best service possible for all our customers no matter if you have already bought from us or if you are looking for the right product to correspond to your needs.

To achieve this goal we provide different service commitments which can be agreed individually, for example we offer the possibility to expand the warranty period up to five years. In addition to the individually agreeable service commitments we offer a great Support Team to contact if you have any problems to provide you with solutions so you can continue working like normal as soon as possible.

Because we care about our customer and their trust in us.

Your hardware, our team.

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Our Support Team is here to help you no matter if your problem regards hardware or software.

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Our Support Team is here to help you no matter if your problem regards hardware or software.

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Our Repair Center Team is here to help you if you have any questions regarding items send in for repair.

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We include the Layer Slider, Revolution Slider, Fusion Slider and Elastic Slider.

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This the place to find all the information you need not only data sheets but also guidelines as well as printer drivers.

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Dozens of well structured files filled with manuals, data and information gives you all you need.

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On-site service

On-site services of the Partner Tech company
Partner Tech is one of the world’s leading developers of comprehensive POS solutions. In addition to mobile ordering and compact all-in-one systems, the company also offers an on-site service available almost all around the world.

This is what the on-site service does
In addition to setting up the hardware, Partner Tech’s on-site service also includes assistance in the event of an interference suppression. The software for the innovative POS solutions was developed by Partner Tech itself and can be set up as an on-site service for customers worldwide. Even if there are problems with the hardware, the service of Partner Tech offers permanent suppression and, if necessary, gets in contact with the ISVs.

Partner Tech’s on-site service also includes OSE, the on-site exchange with no technical staff. The employees of the service access the customer’s IT structure externally and can search for sources of error there. Once these are identified, they are fixed by service employees and detailed information is forwarded to the customer. This type of customer service secures a reliable service worldwide.

Partner Tech’s OSS service, the on-site service, provides customers with on-site technical advice. Qualified technicians can be found directly in the company and use a variety of services. The established system is set up and a service level agreement is made as needed. An interface between Partner Tech and the client is set up in order for them to be able to act in a recurrent manner. The client thus receives an accurate and transparent overview of the service. On request, however, third-party systems can also be included in the contract. Partner Tech always follows the principles of care, trust and responsibility in all its services. Clients and employees are given competent advice and are always treated with respect. The mission of the company is also to keep sensitive information confidential and to take responsibility for the better work of its customers.

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