Digital Signage

As the popularity and success of digital signage rises, more and more business of all sizes are adding digital solutions to their marketing and brand strategy. Discover how to enhance the customer experience and uniquely engage customer with Interactive Signage and Super Narrow Bezel Display. BenQ’s products are designed to help chain stores connect with customers in exceptionally innovative ways, add to the aesthetic appeal of the store and create visually stunning and fully customizable environments.

In cooperation with QUISDA Group, we have extended our product range with cutting-edge technology from BenQ, aiming to be the best-practice provider for customers in retail, hospitality, and specialist stores.


How Digital Signage maximize customer engagement Chain Stores Grab customers’ attention with stunning projection mapping via long-lasting superior image quality, powered by the maintenance-free Bluecore Laser projectors with 360° and portrait projection.

Connect with customers in innovative ways by providing up-to-the-minute information regarding current inventory, sales and promotions. This Interactive Signage helps savvy chain store retailers effectively provide valuable and memorable services to customers.
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BARS Why BenQ Display can help bars engagement with more customers Studies have shown that 50% of patrons find digital graphics highly engaging and that digital menu boards can lift sales by 5%. Our digital display solutions, including High Brightness Business Projectors and Smart Signage, are designed to streamline service and engage patrons in every corner of the bar. Product Overview TRANSPORTATION How our Display Solutions can amaze tourists in the airport Digital displays provide the simplest solution for operators to keep travelers informed and entertained. Our digital display solutions, including Smart Signage, BlueCore Laser Projectors and Flicker-free Monitors, are designed to streamline operations and ultimately enhance the airport experience with a variety of real-time content and visual entertainment. Product Overview HOSPITALITY Check out our display solution for the hotel lobby Create a comfortable, informative and inviting atmosphere from the start. Set the mood with stunning, beautiful large images with a High Brightness Large Venue Projector. Catch guests coming and going with ongoing and upcoming event information by utilizing our aero-thin Double-Sided Signage. Provide guests with wonderful gift ideas by utilizing the Transparent Display that provides information on the glass directly from a USB. Transform the lobby into a welcoming space for new, long-term and short-stay guests with a space that buzzes with excitement. PRODUCT OVERVIEWS