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Digital Signage

As the popularity and success of digital signage rises, more and more chain stores of all sizes are adding digital solutions to their marketing and brand strategy. Discover how to enhance the in-store customer experience and uniquely engage shoppers with digital Display solutions. The products are designed to help chain stores connect with customers in exceptionally innovative ways, add to the aesthetic appeal of the store and create visually stunning and fully customizable environments.

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Face Recognition

Men 30 - 40 years Men 14 - 29 years

Based on “face” image information of a customer, the gender, range of age and other distinctive features can be analyzed.
This information can be linked to information and messages of interests for that particular customer out of a prepared data base.
Instead of Customer “faces” other items/objects can be detected and analyzed as well.

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People counting & Heatmap

Partner Tech’s application about “People Counting” helps to collect and to evaluate customer flow and traffic trends throughout stores/shops. The information will give answers to the success (impact) of advertising and promotion campaigns. They also allow calculating conversion rates from different branches (operation). Furthermore the information provides data for better planning of the staff and allow optimizing store operations.

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